Trailerscope is a data visualization that compares a movie and its trailer and thus shows connections that usually remain hidden.

Poster of the movie "Hangover"


In an iterative design and development process, "Trailerscope" was created. It is a project that compares trailers and film with the help of software and thus visualizes connections that usually remain hidden. With Trailerscope we want to explore the anatomy of trailers, bring them into a visual form and make them accessible to people interested in film.

Live visualisation created with Processing

The white circle in the middle reflects the timeline of the trailer, which is divided into segments and represents the individual scenes. A line connects the trailer segments with one segment on the outer circle, which represents the timeline of the movie. Thus it is visually shown which scenes the trailer consists of and where they are to be located in the movie.

Posters of "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" and "Pineapple Express"


A processing sketch is used to read the data from a table and the visualisation is generated automatically. The outer circle reflects the color of the film. Using command line tools, the film file is read in and stores the current average color at regular intervals.

The processing sketch was developed in an iterative process
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  • Open House, Osnabrück (2016)