Move it!

Three mini games that are controlled by your body.


"Move it!" consists of three mini-games that are controlled with your whole body. The player must either touch the points simultaneously with his hands, feet and head, wipe them away as quickly as possible or protect one circle from other circles. The three games can be selected via a menu by "touching" the respective game.

The game was written with Processing and linked to Microsoft Kinect using the SimpleOpenNI library, which can detect the player's body through a depth sensor and camera.

Game Modes

01. Twister

On the canvas, three circles are generated at random locations, all of which must be touched at the same time by hand, feet or head. If you succeed, you get 10 points and three new circles are created. You have 60 seconds to collect as many points as possible. If not three circles can be reached, the player has the option to generate new points by waving.


02. Wiping windows

There are 170 small circles drawn on the entire drawing area, which must be touched with the hands, feets or head to be removed. The circles have different sizes and a minimum distance from each other so that they are distributed relatively evenly over the surface. The goal is to remove all points as quickly as possible. You have a maximum of 20 seconds.

Wiping windows

03. Protect the circle

At the center of the drawing area is a larger circle that must be protected. From all sides smaller circles move towards the center, which must be touched before they reach the center, otherwise the game is over. The attacking circles increase in speed with the removal of each circle. The goal is to protect the middle circle as long as possible.

Protect the circle

the menu screen
Stages of development


  • Concept
  • Coding
  • Visualization


Freiraum, Osnabrück (2015)