Maluvi is a pair of sunglasses that warns the user of sunburn through visual feedback.

The sunglasses: Red lights indicate that the recommended daily amount of UV radiation is reached


Even if not visible to the human eye, UV radiation can be extremely harmful to the body. Maluvi's goal is to make this invisible radiation tangible before the affected person feels the negative consequences of too much UV radiation.

Using a built-in UV sensor, Maluvi measures the intensity of the radiation and calculates the remaining time the wearer is allowed to spend in the sun. The time depends on the individual skin type, which can be determined via an app. Shortly before the daily maximum dose of UV radiation is reached, the lenses of the glasses light up red and warn the user.

The UV sensor inside the lasered casing
The LED stripe that illuminates the glass
Users can determine their skin type via an app in a guided process
Exhibiting the project at the Open House 2016
The Maluvi-team at the DMY 2016 in Berlin. Our study program won collectively the DMY Education Award.


  • concept
  • app development
  • physical prototyping


  • EMAF, Osnabrück (2016)
  • Open House, Osnabrück (2016)
  • DMY, Berlin (2016)