Create & Play

Interactive exhibit that let's you build your own controller and play a competitive game with it.


What is Interaction Design? We dealt with this question in the sixth semester. The task was to design an interactive exhibit representing the Media & Interaction Design course and to display it at the IdeenExpo 2017 in Hannover.

We developed "Create & Play" in a team of five. In a playful way, the exhibit teaches the user what characterizes a good user interface and how severe a bad user interface can be. The participants are made aware of the conscious design of interactions and interfaces by independently selecting and trying out control elements. The basic procedure is divided into two steps.

Create & Play

Create: Two players choose their favorites from a selection of input options and thus build their own controller.

Play: After the selection the two players compete against each other and find out playfully, which input possibilities function better than others.

The structure: Build with europallets, wooden panels and tension belts


The structure consists of europallets, wooden panels and tension belt. Between them, a TV screen and the computer on which the game will be played are placed. Our aim was to develop a construction that was as inexpensive as possible, which would allow easy assembly and safe transport.

Various iterations of the structure
Step-by-step guide for the buildup of the structure


For the controllers a modular system was required, which consists of different input possibilities and can be combined individually. We decided to use "Palette Gear", which met these requirements. "Palette Gear" consists of square and rectangular input modules that are connected via magnets.

Left the selection panel; right the gaming panel


The game should be playable in pairs, include several control paradigms and not overwhelm the young trade fair audience. We developed a game in which two players have to fall to an infinite depth and steer as precisely as possible through rings. It is also possible to push your opponent away and make it more difficult for him to collect points. In order to enhance the atmosphere, we have placed the game thematically in space. The universe and space travel enjoy great fascination and embody the future like hardly any other topic.

The explanation screen
The two players try to hit circles with their capsules to score points


  • concept
  • structure design
  • project management


  • Ideenexpo, Hannover 2017